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Carlsquare to cover Hanza’s expansion in the German market

10 Mar 2022

In partnership with Hanza, Carlsquare will initiate coverage of the contract manufacturer and its expansion in the German market. With its Equity Research team and solid roots in Germany, Carlsquare will partner with Hanza to raise investor awareness in the region, facilitating access to growth capital and increase brand awareness.

Hanza Holding AB (Hanza) is a contract manufacturer that aims to modernise and streamline the manufacturing industry. Instead of having several contract manufacturing suppliers that often specialise in producing one or a few components within a product assembly, Hanza offers a unique way of dealing with manufacturing lead-processes. Through production facilities with various manufacturing technologies grouped into local clusters, Hanza competes with the traditional and fragmented manufacturing industry by offering shorter lead times, less complexity in transportation, and more environmentally friendly processes.

The company was founded in 2008 and has since 2019 had sales of more than SEK 2 billion. Hanza has several clusters in the Nordics, Germany, Central Europe, the Baltics and China. By late November 2021, the company communicated to resume their intentions to further take advantage of significant growth opportunities in the German market. Erik Stenfors, founder and CEO of Hanza, commented in conjunction with the newly acquired electronics manufacturer Helmut Beyers in Mönchengladbach. “During the pandemic, we have been waiting for the German market to reopen. Now we have reached the starting point for expansion in Germany”.

Carlsquare is a leading finance house with over 100 employees in Germany, Sweden, the UK, France, and Denmark. With a total of 63 transactions with an average deal-value of €94 million, the firm leaves a record year behind.

With a local presence and expertise, a broad network, and solid experience in global deals, Carlsquare is an optimal partner for companies looking to increase their visibility to investors in Europe. Carlsquare reaches international investors by offering a complete service that includes ongoing research coverage in dual languages, targeted activities, and customised distribution. Simultaneously, Carlsquare helps to set up meetings with international investors. The first investor meeting will occur on 17 of March and include a company presentation followed by a Q&A. If you wish to attend the presentation. Please send an e-mail to

Please read the initiation report here for more information about the company and Carlsquares view on the case.


Carlsquare to cover Hanza’s expansion in the German market