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Corporate Finance

We assist entrepreneurs, management teams and owners on executing transactions (M&A) and securing equity and debt financing.


Our team of experienced transaction advisors will guide you through the time-consuming and often complex process of divesting, acquiring and merging companies, subsidiaries, business units and corporate assets. We can provide you with professional advice throughout the process, with our experience from more than 500 corporate finance transactions for entrepreneurs, large corporations, investors, and private equity clients. Our analytical approach, extensive experience and broad network is focused on M&A advisory, corporate finance, growth financing, corporate finance, investments, debt financing and debt advisory.

Process flow in the sale of a company

The process can be divided into five stages. During the process preparation we take care of the financial planning and valuation of your company. In the second phase, the investment memorandum is prepared. This includes the preparation of a series of documents including a process letter, teaser, and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), among others. In the third phase, we focus on the investor approach. This gives your company access to the investor and buyer network in the respective sector. A longlist with a selection of potential buyers is created and a confidential approach to selected investors begins. During the fourth phase, due diligence takes place. This includes the management of legal, commercial, HR, financial and tax due diligence. In the final (fifth) phase, negotiations take place with the respective party on valuation, transaction form and contract design, with the goal of achieving the highest possible profit and a signing.

The stages in the transaction process:

  • Efficient process preparation and process execution
  • Strategic evaluation
  • Coordination of the entire sales process / purchase process
  • Financial planning and valuation of the company
  • Preparation of all documents incl. process letter, teaser, Investment Memorandum (IM), Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Identification of potential buyers or investors
  • Broad investor approach thanks to international positioning
  • Access to investor and buyer network in the respective sector
  • Longlist and selection of potential buyers
  • Management of legal, commercial, HR, financial and tax due diligence
  • Seller optimised auction process
  • Handling of negotiations & signing
  • Negotiation with the respective party on valuation, transaction form and contract design.