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Debt Advisory

We have many years of experience and unique expertise in structuring debt transactions and obtaining adequate financing for both senior and subordinated debt financing.


What does Debt Advisory mean exactly?

Banks represent the traditional source of debt capital for most companies. However, because they provide capital as well as advice, it is difficult for them to impartially advise companies on the most appropriate type of financing.

This is where Carlsquare comes in. We establish the optimal financing structure through a structured process with multiple potential capital providers. With many years of experience with the leading banks and alternative financiers (debt funds), we work with management to achieve the best financing terms that are optimally tailored to our client’s requirements.

How we add value

We manage the entire process by approaching a number of banks and other alternative debt providers using our extensive knowledge and past experience. We conduct a competitive process and negotiate on behalf of the client to obtain the required financing from the most appropriate source, on the best possible terms.

How we can advise you

We have successfully completed numerous debt advisory transactions as advisors, providing advisory services for refinancing, recapitalisations, and acquisition financings. Combined with our extensive experience as corporate finance and M&A advisors, we can advise you on the optimal structure on the liability side of the balance sheet:

  • Working with management and owners to define the optimal capital structure
  • Providing and selecting analyses, drafting expert presentation materials
  • Conducting a competitive process with multiple potential debt providers
  • Extensive experience working with traditional and alternative debt capital providers
  • Long-standing relationships with many of the Nordic banks and various other types of creditors/investors
  • Independent advice with the client’s best interests at heart.

Take advantage now of our unique service and years of experience in structuring debt transactions and financing strategies for both senior and subordinated debt financing.
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