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IPO Strategy & Preparation

An IPO is one of the most challenging endeavours a company might face, which is why the choice of an advisor is of utmost importance.


For clients with a distinct IPO strategy or dual-track (parallel IPO and M&A processes), we therefore take responsibility for the entire process. We are the project manager and coordinate all stakeholders throughout the process.

We make it as efficient as possible and support the client in selecting the right advisor for each step of the process through our extensive network. We also support the client in all preparations, settlements and after the IPO.

IPO for start-ups: When does going public make sense?

What comes next? – A question that is not always easy to answer. Especially when an entrepreneur’s start-up already has a successful product on the market and is moving steeply towards growth. For many successful founders, this is when the thoughts begin: What’s next? An exit, sale, merger with another company or an IPO?

Many call an IPO the supreme discipline. The IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is more demanding than a fundraising or M&A process. Nevertheless, especially for start-ups with a promising product that also interests investors, the IPO can be a strategic step to obtain more capital assets. However, with the IPO there may be further debt and equity capital measures afterwards.

The company can thus finance further acquisitions, growth and internationalisation. In addition, an IPO can help incentivise management and attract new talent. An IPO also strengthens the company in the sales market and provides confidence and transparency. For early-stage investors and asset diversification of the founders, it can also be accompanied by a (partial) exit.

Nonetheless, the IPO is not an immediate exit for the management and the founders. Rather, investors expect a clear commitment to continue to successfully manage and develop the company.

When to venture an IPO?

An IPO is only an option for companies that have tested their business model extensively, and that the prospect of the company continuing its successful course is promising.

Often the degree of innovation of the business model is closely related to the willingness of shareholders to invest. Start-ups that have not yet been able to prove their profitability are doomed to fail here. This is precisely why it is so important to get detailed advice in advance in order to overcome possible hurdles on the way to the IPO beforehand.

We are happy to support you and during the advisory phase we will introduce you to the key partners who will play an important role during the process: Lawyers, auditors, and possibly even an investor relations agency. We will coordinate this multitude of stakeholders and stand by your side throughout the entire journey.

Oskar Wollert
Oskar Wollert
Vice President