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Symplify acquires SiteGainer

On September 13th, the Swedish marketing automation company Symplify (former Compost Marketing) acquired the Swedish software company SiteGainer (“the Company”) that provides an AB-testing platform. The platform includes a range of functions (including AB-testing, multivariate testing, surveys, heatmaps and popups) that aim to increase the conversion rate of websites (no. of completed purchases in relation to number of website users). The platform is highly appreciated among clients and several large companies use SiteGainer including: NA-KD, Lyko, KappAhl, Babyshop and Lekmer.

“The strategic match between SiteGainer and Symplify is perfect. Carlsquare was a reliable advisor who always cherished our integrity and really understood the fundamentals in marketing tech. They managed to find this match between us and efficiently led a transaction that was fair for both parties.”


Ricard Chramer, Founder & CEO of SiteGainer

Carlsquare acted as sole financial advisor to the sellers.

”Looking forward to follow SiteGainer and Symplify’s joint journey and I am sure that this is the perfect match in the marketing technology space. Niche software at its best! The team from Carlsquare really appreciates the confidence given from the owners of SiteGainer”


Magnus Haegermark, Vice President at Carlsquare

Anders Elgemyr
Anders Elgemyr LinkedIn
Managing Partner