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Carlsquare advised HELLA Aglaia on the sale of its people sensing business to Xovis

The People Sensing business of HELLA  Aglaia, a subsidiary of HELLA, makes and sells high-precision people sensors, especially for the purpose of passenger counting on public transport. People Sensing’s AI-powered products allow transport companies to communicate passenger density in real time and to deploy fleet capacity more efficiently, leading to significant improvements in user experience. People Sensing’s 65 employees are based in Berlin.

Xovis is a market-leading technology company that develops, produces, and distributes 3D sensors and related software solutions for the precise counting and analysis of people flow worldwide. Airport terminals, retailers, smart buildings, and public transport operators rely on Xovis’ tailored solutions to optimize resource allocation and expand data capture sources. Trademark features of Xovis technology include simple integration, data protection compliance, high precision, and AI-based features. Founded in 2008, Xovis is now part of Capvis’ private equity portfolio and has offices in Boston and Bern.

The two firms have complementary strengths. People Sensing specializes in people-counting sensors for public transport, while Xovis focuses on people-counting sensors for airports, stadia and stationary retail, in addition to offering software solutions for the management of people flow. The merger thus enables HELLA  Aglaia People Sensing business products to become a third pillar in the Xovis service portfolio.

“Thanks to high-performance products and software, we already have a strong position with our People Sensing business. In addition, the expected strengthening of local public transport in society also offers promising growth prospects in the business area going forward. Realizing these opportunities is a clear target. We are therefore very happy that we have found a strong partner in Xovis, who can strategically develop the business further and give the People Sensing business even better opportunities for the future.” – Kay Talmi, Managing Director of HELLA Aglaia

“This strategic move underlines Xovis’ and People Sensing’s commitment to diversification and expansion across multiple industries. It is a logical step to join forces and seamlessly integrate existing portfolios and enhance overall capabilities in the common core technology and businesses. The synergies between the two complementary business areas promise a future of shared success and customers will benefit from this expanded range of service and expertise. These are a key driver for sustained success and emphasizing our commitment to innovation.” – Rupert Paris, CEO, Xovis

Carlsquare served as the exclusive financial advisor to HELLA  Aglaia and its people-counting business.

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