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Entrepreneurs for freedom – No business with the aggressor – Help for Ukrainian children

Under normal circumstances, we as a company do not comment on politics and we do not call for boycotts for or against anyone. We are convinced that the situation is different today, as we are challenged by a fundamental attack on everything we stand for. It is about our freedom as entrepreneurs and citizens of this country, which is not negotiable. There is no cost-benefit calculation and no break-even point. It’s all about the big picture for us. The decision is now digital, no room for grey areas: For Putin or against the aggressor and for freedom.

We love Russia and the Russian people, but in this situation, we simply cannot do business with its companies and citizens as long as this attack and threat continues.

As Carlsquare we have decided that we will cease all business activities with citizens of Russia and Russian companies. Regardless of the sanctions lists in place at any given time. We cannot do business with people whose government threatens our existence. Accordingly, we will now also terminate individual mandates and cease activities.

We support our friends from Ukraine, especially our Globalscope partners from Capital Times. The partner office is very active in supporting the Ukrainian institution “Children of Heroes”. We are also involved with a benefit concert in December in Berlin and would like to contribute with donations.

Children of Heroes” offers direct support to more than 1,200 Ukrainian children who have lost one or both parents to the war. Currently, the organisation is focusing on raising money for the project “Warmth for Children” to make sure that children can survive a harsh winter in Ukraine.

If you can, please donate with us:

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