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Equity Research

Carlsquare Equity Research has been working with Commissioned Research since 2013 and covered over 180+ companies. Thus, we have extensive experience of working with Equity Research adapted for private investors. Since the beginning of 2020, we as an independent research house have further developed our analysis with an increased focus on institutional and international investors, while maintaining the relevance for private investors.

Information transformed to knowledge is power. High-quality equity research is the foundation to any investment decision and as such Carlsquare Equity Research holds an important position.

Carlsquare has been a pioneer within the field of equity research by providing Commissioned Equity Research since 2013. Over time we have covered more than 180 companies from various sectors.

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Equity Research service & Industry experts

Carlsquare Equity Research work in teams, typically consisting of two Equity Research Analysts accompanied by an industry expert, with hands on experience from the specific industry. Therefore, each team hold profound and unique understanding the specific sector and are able to point at the investment case and help investors understand the true value of the share.

During 2020 Carlsquare initiated a new, further developed, and unique Equity Research service. By tracking the impact of our service, we can see astonishing figures including an increased interest and liquidity by high double-digit percentages.

”The numbers we are seeing on market impact of our research speak for themselves. We are able to add value to the companies as well as the investors. It’s a result of long experience, integrity and a well composed teams as well as team-work” says Markus Augustsson, Head of Equity Research at Carlsquare Stockholm

Indisputably Carlsquare knows how to add value to their clients. The research reports are composed to meet the interest of all investor, independent of previous experience or knowledge. Although the reports have been developed to a greater extent serve the needs for professional investors, we never lose focus on the key objectives:

  • Obtain and maintain investor knowledge and interest.
  • Increase shareholder base and improve liquidity of the stock.
  • Facilitate access to growth capital.

Equity Research references

Peter Gönczi, CEO and Board member at Spotlight Group, a listed company under coverage by Carlsquare point out our integrity, competencies, and reputation in the market: “In our view Carlsquare is a very competent company with a good reputation and renowned analysts. For us, independence is of the utmost importance – it gives increased trust and credibility in the market“.

Carlsquare has a broad and unique platform to give companies access to local and international capital. This is pointed out by Philip Delborn, CFO at GHP Specialty Care: “We chose to work with Carlsquare to reach a wider range of different categories of investors. We also appreciate the professionalism and commitment that Carlsquare has shown“.

Carlsquare Equity Research’s second offer, Valuation- and consultancy assignments, continue to grow. Our clients range from pre-revenue startups to mature companies that turn to Carlsquare to get our view on their valuation. We do over 300 valuations on average per year.

Fairness Opinions

The firm is also a third -party provider of formal Fairness Opinions. For example, Carlsquare has provided Fairness Opinions in cases of spin-offs, listings and collateral.

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Keeping Clients Up-to-Date

The Equity Research team is also the producer of popular newsletter, with editions published on a daily and weekly basis. The letter covers macro and industry trends, global stock markets, foreign exchange and other asset classes.

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Markus Augustsson
Markus Augustsson LinkedIn
Head of Equity Research
Bertil Nilsson
Bertil Nilsson LinkedIn
Senior Equity Analyst