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CatCap and Jarl Securities join forces

13 Juin 2018

CatCap and Jarl Securities join forces

CatCap, a leader among M&A companies in Germany, acquires the Swedish firm Jarl Securities. CatCap takes its first true international step and the companies join forces to execute on their joint vision of delivering excellence in investment banking for entrepreneurs.

“We have been an active M&A advisor in Germany for many years. But for us, Sweden is a market of such importance that we now choose to join forces with Jarl Securities, a fast-growing company with an excellent track record in technology enabled businesses like e-commerce, software and classical industrial companies. We have similar focus and methods of working, which means that it’s a great strategic fit on several levels”


Michael Moritz, CEO and CatCap Founding Partner.

Thus, CatCap follows a general trend where M&As deals are becoming increasingly international. Cross-border M&A transactions were less common in the past and mainly concerned large cap companies that acquired competitors. Today, with the internet-enabled global market it’s natural for companies of all sizes to review their international strategy. The internet lowered the thresholds for international expansion and at the same time economies of scale generally increased.

For private equity companies, the trend is even clearer. Local presence and expertise within an industry is important as a starting point. However, to implement a buy-and-build strategy, common to today’s venture capitalists, expanding the business internationally is an increasingly important key to success, and M&A is a great way to achieve this.

“At CatCap, we have established ourselves as a leading player targeting midsized M&A transactions in Sweden. We have already completed several projects successfully together with Jarl Securities and it turns out that we are very similar in terms of processes and culture. One of our contributions to the new group is our Equity Research Department which brings knowledge about analysis of the stock market and assigned based research to the table. We cover more than 60 publicly listed companies in collaboration with the Swedish Shareholders Association, which is a unique complimentary offering among M&A-focused advisors”,


Anders Elgemyr, CEO of Jarl Securities.

Jarl Securities has a strong position in Germany; Hamburg with a focus on software, business services and industrials, Munich with focus on Healthcare and Medtech and Berlin with a focus on Internet, Technology and Services. Sweden has a very strong position in Technology but in recent decades the country has developed a livid startup culture that has made the country interesting to all major international players.

Jarl Securities was originally founded by Knutsson Holdings with a few key individuals.

“We are proud to have been part of building Jarl for what it is today with a clear focus and winning concepts within M&A and Equity Research. We are very happy to pass on this investment to CatCap, where the company really fits well”,


Michael Knutsson, Knutsson Holdings

Mark Miller and Daniel Garlipp from CatCap replace Michael Knutsson, who is leaving the board. All other current board members remain on board with Finn Johnsson as chairman, Katarina Bonde and Fredrik Adolfsson.

CatCap has established itself in recent years as a leading M&A advisory firm in Germany with a focus on technology-oriented midsized businesses and growth companies. We have recently opened our new office in Berlin. Therefore, we are now represented in three cities in Germany: Hamburg, Munich and Berlin as well as internationally with 55 Globalscope partner companies in 46 countries and more than 600 professionals in dedicated sector teams on industrials, business services, consumer goods, life sciences, software and energy.

Jarl Securities is a leading M&A and Equtiy Research boutique in Sweden. The company offers services in the field of Corporate Finance, Analysis and Equity Research and has over 100 years of combined international experience from the financial industry. The organisation consists of thirteen professionals and is a member of the Globalscope partner network.

The Jarl Securities team led by Anders Elgemyr and Erik Lundberg will work closely with the CatCap team on M&A and ECM projects. If you have a transaction with a German-Swedish connection, please feel free to contact us.

CatCap and Jarl Securities join forces