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Globalscope Conference News Panama

11 Mai 2018

Globalscope Partners Ltd, the international M[&]A network, is pleased to announce the successful expansion of its global partner base to 55 firms in 46 countries.

The new partners were elected at the 23rd semi-annual Globalscope conference, hosted by Panamanian member firm, Insignia Financial Advisors. Delegate firms from across the world met in the Old Quarter of Panama City, a World Heritage Site, to develop deal opportunities with fellow members, discuss trends in global M[&]A and hear from transaction experts on best practice.

Insignia’s Director José Rogelio Díaz, commented, “It was a privilege to host the Spring 2018 conference in Panama City, with the participation of members from all over the world. Our Globalscope partners had the opportunity to learn about Panama, and the Central American economies’ growth potential, whilst experiencing first-hand what Panama has to offer to the world as a service-based economy, a regional multinational hub and a natural connection centre to all of Latin America. Our partners are now all the more able to advise clients in regard to Latin America when analysing strategic opportunities in growth markets. We in Latin America foresee tremendous opportunities for developed companies worldwide to expand into our rapidly-growing economies. Globalscope will be a catalyst in this trend for our clients.”
This conference saw two new observer firms, Estrategia en Accion of Colombia and a’XYKno Capital Services of India, attending to present as prospective members. Both were voted in and welcomed as new partners. They are the network’s 54th and 55th member firms.


The core of the 3 day conference programme was members convening for deal discussions, organised by sector, as a catalyst for initiating, nurturing and completing transactions. Globalscope groups businesses into six sectors each headed by a dedicated team which led these discussions:[nbsp]

  • Consumer
  • Financial services
  • Life sciences
  • Industrials
  • Support services
  • TMT

Another highlight of the conference was a presentation by guest speaker Ramon Arias of IMAC on Executing M[&]A in Family Businesses, drawing upon his 30+ years of international experience.
The conference also ushered in a change in leadership. Jim Keeling, of UK member firm Corbett Keeling took over as President of the network from Russell D’Alba of Paramax Corporation, USA. When asked about his feelings on being elected, Keeling replied, “It is a great honour to have been appointed President of Globalscope Partners. I feel very privileged to lead such an outstanding band of brothers from around the world. My primary aim as President is that we will see a marked acceleration in cross-border deals done by our members.” He acknowledged his fellow directors, saying, “I would like to thank Russell D’Alba for his service as President. I would also like to thank departing board member Josh Park of Traders Partners (Japan) for his contributions to Globalscope including coordinating our Asian partners and welcome our newest board members Al Melchiorre of MelCap Partners (USA) and Kamal Rungta RCS Advisors (India).”
Mr. D’Alba commented: “Thank you for entrusting me as your 6th President for the past 2 years. We are now 55 member firms, with a board of 9 directors, each focused on their specific areas aimed at generating and facilitating cross-border deal flow. I wish Godspeed to our new President, Jim (James the 7th)!”

During the conference, members were hosted atop the iconic Panama Locks for a Gala Dinner at which awards were made honouring Globalscope member firms for the most prestigious deals in the preceding six months:[nbsp]

• MOST ACTIVE MEMBER: DEX international, Netherlands – 5 deals
• LARGEST DEAL: Palladio Corporate Finance – €336 million
• GLOBALSCOPE FLAGSHIP DEAL: Tenzing Partners, Luxembourg and Carlsquare, Germany

Members will next be meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia in September 2018 for the Autumn semi-annual conference being hosted by Georgian member firm, Alliance Group Capital.[nbsp]

Globalscope Conference News Panama