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Looking backward – looking forward

11 Fév 2016

Today most crises aren’t local, but all chances are global – Our customers – German midsized entrepreneurs as well as foreign companies – used those chances in 2015 by participating in global trade and globalization and through the worldwide acquisition of companies, capital and new shareholders.

Carlsquare accompanied 18 entrepreneurs and their transactions in 2015. And with great success: In 2014 and 2015 we were able to successfully accompany around 95% of our mandates. This was not only due to the positive M[&]A surrounding, but also the reward to many years of experience, work and commitment of our team. The founders of Carlsquare are on board since 15 years and our 5 directors/project managers are with us since 4.5-6 years, all of which came with previous M[&]A experience. Our customers benefit from a well-practiced deal team. With Nico Schmidt-Weidemann, Carlsquare won another experienced director, with 10 years of M[&]A expertise. At the same time we were able to select 3 new analysts from over 200 applicants.

We look proudly at our alumni, who are in important positions in Private Equity and Venture Capital companies. This improved our cooperation with financial investors immensely. We are happy, that Benjamin Köhnsen, who learned the craft at Carlsquare, is successfully launching his electronic surfboards Lampuga worldwide.

At the conferences of the global network Globalscope in Jakarta and Tel Aviv, Carlsquare won the Awards for Most Active Dealmaker and for Flagship Deal 2015. With new Globalscope partners from Norway, Belgium and Australia the competition for these awards has become even harder. In 2016 we will meet our Globalscope partners at conferences in Shanghai and Dallas. Feel free to speak to us about your deal ideas, we are happy to take them to Shanghai.

Our deals not only added value for our transaction partners, but perhaps also for you:

Save gasoline money by using (sold to Auto Bild), find trainees for your company at azubiyo (sold to Funke), continue your education in Oxford or Harvard through CBL (sold to Worldstrides), improve your digital marketing with AKOM360 (acquired by Publicis), save energy with Grünspar (sold to EWE), hope for a longer and healthier life with the Proteomics research by Biognosys (investment by Corporate Venture Fund), hire new employees through Xing (acquired Jobbörse) or buy and sell second-hand children’s clothes on Kirondo (sold to Percentil). C4C (sold to intech) can help you to develop mobility software for tomorrow and Nemesis (sold to IK Hoffmann) offers temporary employment for the life sciences industry. Use the exhibition halls of Messe Düsseldorf (sale of subsidiary in Brno), close an insurance policy using the software of Geneva ID (sold to Keylane) or treat pain with the neurostimulators from cerbomed (cooperation with Desitin).

We just hope that you don’t have to use Telio (investment by DBAG), because Telio provides telephone-services for inmates.

Gladly we would accompany you and your company through an M[&]A transaction, be it on the buyer or seller side. We are looking forward to your call – preferably without Telio.


Kind regards,


Mark Miller, [nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp]Michael Moritz, [nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp]Caspar Stauffenberg, [nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp]Manfred Drax