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General Aerospace acquires the automotive manufacturer AL-KO Actuation Systems

12 Jan 2017

ESCHBACH, GERMANY – General Aerospace GmbH, a leading provider of high-tech components for commercial aviation, has acquired the “AL-KO Actuation Systems” division of AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik, a venture of DexCo Global Inc. producing high quality automotive components and systems. With this strategic move, GA, the global leader in motion control systems for the international aviation and aerospace industry, will both gain strategically important development competencies and broaden its product portfolio of bowden cables. At the same time GA will enhance the manufacturing and assembly facilities for its innovative hydraulic and electromechanical technologies/solutions.

AL-KO Actuation Systems is a tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, specialized in the design, development and production of high quality control cables for doors, hand-brakes and for motorcycles applications. With approx. 150 employees AL-KO Actuation Systems is headquartered in Zellberg (Austria) and has a manufacturing subsidiary in Sura Mica (Rumania). With effect of January 1st, 2017 the company will be re-named “GA Actuation Systems GmbH” and become a new operating unit within General Aerospace.

While its headquarters will remain in Austria and Romania, GA Actuation Systems will continue to promote and develop its strong heritage of manufacturing, technology and customer service for renowned automotive providers like BMW, Renault, Daimler, Porsche and Ferrari. In addition to that, the venture will continue to deliver components for AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik and at the same time use its manufacturing sites for producing high-quality bowden cables components used in airplanes.

Samuele Piatti, Chief Executive Officer of General Aerospace, said: “The acquisition of AL-KO Actuation Systems is a milestone on GA’s path to becoming a system provider for aviation components. By combining the strengths of both companies – GA Actuation Systems’ large volume production capability and the innovative product design provided by General Aerospace – we will also become an important partner of the automotive industry.”

The new venture “GA Actuation Systems GmbH” will be managed by Richard Felix, currently Head of Sales and Technology at AL-KO Actuation Systems, and Jürgen Hannig, Chief Operation Officer at General Aerospace GmbH.

Carlsquare advised General Aerospace on the acquisition of AL-KO Actuation Systems.

About General Aerospace
General Aerospace, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Eschbach, Germany, is the leading global provider of motion control systems for general aviation, aerospace and defense. GA delivers innovative and efficient solutions deployed in the equipment of airplanes, while setting new standards in terms of quality and individual design. Partners of General Aerospace include renowned companies like Boeing, Airbus, Pilatus, Embraer, Comac and Bombardier.


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General Aerospace acquires the automotive manufacturer AL-KO Actuation Systems