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Globalscope member Carlsquare accompanies the shareholders of Phytron in the sale of a majority interest to Stemas AG

20 Dec 2013

The Munich-based industrial holding Stemas AG has acquired an interest of 51% in Phytron GmbH. The founding families together with the CEO Birgit Hartmann and CTO Johannes Schmid are pleased with the new shareholders and the resulting long term perspective for the company. Phytron GmbH develops and manufactures stepper motors and electronic control units for applications in industrial engeneering, research, medical technology and extreme surroundings.

The company is headquartered in Gröbenzell, near Munich, Germany. Examples of Phytron stepper motor developments can be found in nip roll adjustments, for the transport devices of frozen samples stored in liquid nitrogen and in space for adjusting telescopes or cameras. Phytron’s In-Vacuum-Technology is used in the Curiosity Marsrover to focus the laser beam and the camera of the ChemCam-instrument on the probes examined.

Phytron will continue to operate independently and will profit from being part of a strong group of middle-class industrial companies. Together with other shareholdings of Stemas, potential synergies in the fields of distribution, manufacturing and procurement will be exploited in the future.

Carlsquare has accompanied the shareholders of Phytron exclusively in this transaction process.

About Stemas:

Since 2003, the industrial holding Stemas AG acquires interests in mid-class industrial companies. Reasons for investments are usually unresolved succession issues, weak earnings or strategic divestment. The 7 portfolio companies of Stemas with a total of 430 employees generated 56m EUR in 2013. They operate independently and profit from mutual assistance and the strength of the group.

About Phytron:

Phytron with 86 employees generates revenues of approx. 10m EUR. The family business was founded in 1947 and has become renowned in the fields of stepper motors and electronic control units.

About Carlsquare:

Carlsquare supports knowledge-based enterprises and their shareholders concerning the sale of shares and endowment with equity capital, the optimization of corporate portfolios and other strategic capital transactions at partner and enterprise level. Assistance is also pro-vided to VC/private equity investors in the analysis of potential investments or during the divestment of their portfolio companies. Carlsquare has been one of the top performers in the German corporate finance sector for transactions under € 100 million for a number of years.

Carlsquare is part of the international Globalscope M&A Partner network with more than 30 partners in 25 countries worldwide.

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