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Who We Are

Carlsquare is a leading technology investment bank. We enable tech innovators, entrepreneurs and investors around the globe to achieve their growth goals.


Elevating Successful Tech Businesses

Carlsquare partners with high-performing growth companies, established market leaders and successful tech investors. We help our clients to identify and implement the right next step for their business, whether that’s selling their company, taking on capital, doing an IPO or buying another company.

Our Entrepreneurial Outlook

Like many of our clients, we’ve built our business from scratch. Like our clients, we’ve harnessed M&A to drive our cross-border growth, expanding through a series of international aquisitions. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the viewpoint of fellow entrepreneurs – and we understand how best to support your future growth.

Our Global Reach

Carlsquare spans 11 locations, 8 countries and 2 continents. We combine the advantages of a vast international network with profound local expertise. That unique blend enables us to match clients all over the world with the perfect buyer, seller, investor, or investment opportunity. 

Our Partner-Led Advice

At Carlsquare, there is no such thing as a second string. Your Carlsquare partner will be a Carlsquare Partner, and we are always ready to expand the project team in order to ensure the best outcome.