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OLAmobile, one of the mobile leading performance marketing platforms, is joining forces with IconPeak and its subsidiary BidderPlace to enlarge their footprint within the mobile performance marketing space. The only existing investor in both companies, MAKERS, the Berlin-based company builder which initially incubated IconPeak and BidderPlace together with Felipe Ogibowski and Gunnar Kämpgen in 2013 and 2015, sells its shares with a multiple of 50.

Gunnar Kämpgen, Founder and CEO of IconPeak and BidderPlace: “OLAmobile’s great reputation, their existing infrastructure with many offices across the globe and their industry knowledge will allow us to fuel our growth in existing and new markets. With our complementary business models we look forward to leveraging synergies, increasing our revenues and building a very powerful platform in the mobile performance marketing industry.”

Industry: Internet
Assignment: Sellside